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When The Unexpected Happens

“I consider myself a person who plans for everything. I usually save up to buy big items so I know I have the money. When I got in a car wreck, my medical bills were so much more than I ever saved and my car was totalled. My sister told me about Anchor Finance and after talking with them I was able to clear up my medical bills and get enough money for a downpayment on a car.”

Henry P.

Credit Card Overload

“When I first started college, my mom co-signed so I could get a credit card and build up my credit. It worked! Next thing you know I am getting all these credit cards and I thought the more I have the better I will be. I couldn’t understand why the balance never went down. Then I realized I had a HUGE interest percentage. Mom and I talked to Anchor Finance and now everything is paid off and I only kept one card! Thanks Anchor!”

Kelvin G.

Saluting My Hero

“Last year, we found out dad was being honored for his service with a medal and key to the city. The only problem was, he lived 1,500 miles away. He asked me to be there and I didn’t have the funds at that time. I saw an ad for Anchor Finance and they helped me afford to go to the ceremony and watch my dad receive his award. Thank you Anchor Finance from the bottom of my heart.”

Kathy G.

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Medical Expenses

When the unthinkable happens no one is ever prepared. Our team understands that you and your family are coping with supporting your family as they heal and we want to be beside you doing all we can!

Debt Consolidation

Let’s face it – we all have debt but, it can at times get out of control. We specialize in debt consolidation.
car repair

Auto Purchase / Repair

You are ready to hit the road, but your vehicle has hit the bricks! No car can make big problems that start with transportation to work and can end up with things not getting paid for at home.
home repair

Home Repairs

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Maybe your air conditioner is broken… again. Don’t break the bank, let our team at Anchor Finance help you cover the costs so you can pay it back on your schedule.

moving truck

Relocation Costs

Ready to move but your budget is tight? Don’t let financial issues cripple your joy as you move to your new dream home. Come and see us at Anchor Finance for a loan to pay out over time.
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Dream Vacation

Is your dream vacation just out of reach? Vacations can cost a lot of money up front that could be easy to pay out over time. Let our team get you what you need to take off to destination vacations.
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Wedding & Special Events

It only happens once so it has to be perfect! Between the reception, church, accomodations and dress your budget expands more and more. Let us help you cover your costs to keep that day perfect!
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Work Equipment

Without work getting done, money can’t come in your business. Buying large farm equipment or other business needs are important to keep things moving forward.
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